The Divine Current | Deep Dive Week 4 “Seal of the Spirit”

Corbin Riley   -  

In the quiet moments of reflection, we often seek a deeper understanding of our faith and the assurances it provides. Ephesians 1:13-14 offers a profound insight into the promises of Christianity, speaking of the Holy Spirit as a seal upon believers. This seal is not merely a symbol of belonging but stands as a firm guarantee of our salvation and the inheritance we have in Christ.

The apostle Paul’s words to the Ephesians resonate with the assurance that once we believe, we are marked with the promised Holy Spirit. This divine seal is a pledge of our future inheritance, a testament to the faithfulness of God who secures our redemption as His own. It is a promise that transcends the present, reaching into the eternal.

But what does it mean for us today? The seal of the Holy Spirit is a continuous reminder that we are not only claimed by God but also cherished and preserved for a purpose. It is a source of strength and a promise of empowerment. As believers, we must recognize this seal within us, understanding that it is the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live lives that reflect His goodness and love.

So, as we ponder upon this truth, let us ask ourselves: How does the seal of the Holy Spirit change the way I live? How does it empower me to act, to love, and to serve in the present moment?

As we delve deeper into our faith journey, let us carry this contemplation in our hearts and minds. And let us come together, once again, next Sunday morning at 10 AM for Week 5 of The Divine Current sermon series.

Always improve the present moment.