The Divine Catch | Deep Dive Week 1 “Embracing the Present with Purpose”

Corbin Riley   -  

Welcome to the first week of our new sermon series, “The Divine Catch.” As we embark on this spiritual journey together, let’s reflect on the timeless act of evangelism, where the disciples of Jesus ‘cast their nets’ to share the transformative gospel—the ultimate “good news.”

Imagine the Sea of Galilee, where the disciples, once fishermen by trade, were called to a higher purpose. They were tasked to ‘catch’ not fish but the hearts and minds of people, drawing them into a net woven with faith, hope, and love. This was no ordinary catch; it was divine, reaching out to all willing to embrace the teachings of Jesus.

In our modern world, we, too, are called to ‘cast our nets.’ Our words, actions, and lives are the nets we throw into the sea of humanity. Every conversation, every act of kindness, every moment of truth is an opportunity to evangelize, to share the good news, and to encourage others to follow a path of righteousness.

As we proceed with this series, let’s challenge ourselves to be mindful of the present. It’s in the here and now that we can truly make a difference. Each moment is a chance to cast our nets with intention, to touch lives, and to improve our slice of eternity.

Remember, the present is the only moment we have to act, to love, and to live out our faith. So, let’s make it count. Let’s always improve the present moment, for it’s in these moments that we find our divine catch.

Join us next Sunday as we delve deeper by “preparing for the catch” and explore how we can continue to spread the gospel in our daily lives. Until then, may your nets be full and your moments be meaningful.