The Joy of Lent | Deep Dive Week 5: The Joy of Study

Corbin Riley   -  

One of the potentially forgotten joys of Lent is cultivated through the dedicated study of God’s Word, a practice that is not just educational but a vital spiritual discipline.

But why is study considered a spiritual discipline? It’s because study goes beyond mere reading. It involves a commitment to delve into the Scriptures, to seek out the wisdom and messages that God has laid out for us. It requires intentionality, setting aside time from our busy lives to focus on God’s teachings. And it necessitates an open heart, one that is ready for the divine encounters that can occur when we truly engage with the Bible.

Psalm 119:11 encapsulates the essence of this discipline beautifully: “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” These words speak to the transformative power of absorbing Scripture, of letting it dwell within us to guide our actions and decisions. By internalizing God’s Word, we arm ourselves against temptation and sin, and we align ourselves more closely with God’s will.

The joy of Lent is found in this process of transformation. As we study, we are changed. Our understanding deepens, our spirits are uplifted, and our hearts are filled with the joy that comes from a closer relationship with God. As Lent draws near to its end, let us embrace the discipline of study, not as a task but as a joyful journey towards spiritual growth and divine encounter to prepare us for the year ahead.

May this Deep Dive serve as a reminder of the richness that comes from studying God’s Word, and may it inspire you to hide His teachings in your heart, not just during Lent but every day of your life.

Always improve the present moment.